13 Cool Examples of Internet of Things Applications and How to Develop One

IBM Watson is a premier enterprise-class artificial intelligence solution that offers companies the capability to expedite their research and development. Product development is the process required to bring your IoT app from just a mere concept to reaching the market. As IoT app development grows with adoption, organizations might find it more difficult to hire external developers with enough experience to do the job within the needed time frame. The high demand for IoT expertise has made it harder for organizations to close the skills gap and hire outside experts. This demand has also led to a rise in the adoption of no-code and low-code development platforms for IoT apps.

develop iot applications

By developing an IoT app that links with their assembly line and CNC machine sensors, they can get real-time notifications of any machine problems or failures. This allows them to respond to problems, rectify them, and get production rolling again much more quickly. It can also help to automate tedious processes – quality control can be done using IoT sensors coupled with AI instead of visual inspection, for example. Once we at Stormotion worked with Platoon Fit — a fitness project from Alex Obe that offers its customers 45-minute workouts with a special emphasis on health monitoring devices. What we did for them was data transactions integration from cadence and heart rate sensors that customers place on their body into the workout application. If you’d like to learn more about this case, feel free to follow the link at the bottom of this section.

How to develop an IoT application in 5 steps

You can create an IoT mobile application and start conquering this market, which is far from saturated. The IoT market is huge, and it has something to offer many other markets. It seems like the Internet of Things devices will soon be everywhere, from smart cities and agricultural fields to huge manufacturing plants and people’s homes and cars. Internet of things application development internet of things software development services are becoming more widespread, though it may still be a challenge to find good IoT developers. IoT application development poses unique security concerns for both hardware and software. Through the use of IoT industry-leading security tools and standards you can keep that data safe and secure throughout the entire IoT pipeline, even for large enterprise clients.

develop iot applications

The solution consists of web and mobile apps seamlessly integrated with each other to help both patients and clinicians monitor physiological parameters and improve urinary and prostate health. Velvetech helps businesses of all sizes across various domains deliver secure and scalable IoT ecosystems to explore the value of connected devices. With years of proven track record, our team of experts knows how to turn your project idea into a successful outcome.

Seamless Integration

These systems provide a bird’s eye view of glycemic patterns in pregnant women with diabetes. These systems’ real-time and continuous data allow doctors to alter medications and recommend changes if necessary. Medical research, till today, has always been based on data created in a controlled environment or data generated after the fact. Such real-time data amassed in large quantities can substantially improve research.

  • The list can be extended by widely used operating systems needed to manage the components of IoT solutions and connect them to the network.
  • Condition-based maintenance is a maintenance strategy that monitors asset health and performs maintenance only if necessary.
  • With us, you can build intelligent IoT apps that are seamlessly integrated with existing hardware.
  • If the application’s content relates to a mission-critical or confidential business operation, it’s especially important to keep it safe from unauthorized parties.
  • Depending on your devices and the availability of resources, you need to pick the right channels for connectivity.
  • Nevertheless, existing M2M solutions can be integrated into the Internet of Things.

It’s important to take even more control of the device’s components (like frequency of data measurements, data transferring to the cloud, etc.). Instead of showing humidity on each field with a separate chart, add a tab where users can choose what field they want to be presented. Here, it’s of high importance to develop the habit of instantly paying attention to urgent situations and reacting accordingly; you can definitely help your users with that. However, here the key factor is energy consumption, meaning that a certain accuracy & amount of data is sufficient and the energy consumption can be minimized to as little as it’s enough to reach the goal. The backend of your software is responsible for data collection and, in fact, there are multiple ways of how you can organize it, which can save you energy, resources, and money if chosen correctly. In fact, there’s no specific case when we could tell you that you should most likely use an IoT platform or a specific type of it (like a cloud-based one) since it really depends on your personal preference.

Areas with the biggest demand for IoT applications

Think about the pace at which you plan to develop your app’s functionality. It has to manage increasing amounts of data and many different devices and processes. If you aren’t going to produce your own hardware for your IoT project, you need to choose hardware from other device makers. Second, this hardware should be reliable, as its connection accuracy is crucial for your project’s success. Choosing sensors made by a reliable device maker can guarantee the quality.

develop iot applications

Through trial and error, you can figure out the best ways to make the device as secure as possible, so we recommend making updates as soon as you have something to improve in your security system. There are quite a few of them, so when choosing one protocol for your IoT solution, there’s a number of factors that should be taken into account. For instance, bandwidth, connectivity range, power consumption, price, industry, and many others. It’s essential to decide what sensors and devices for measurement you’ll need. Our team of business analysts and developers will prepare an estimate.

How long does it take to develop an IoT app?

Internet of Things solutions significantly simplify our everyday lives, while receiving, sorting and processing data by means of special electronic equipment . The ThingsBoard IoT platform uses MQTT, CoAP and HTTP protocols to connect devices and handle data from them. Out-of-the-box configurable dashboards, charts, maps and widgets provide you with robust real-time visualization of your data, which you can share with partners. In addition, you can create custom widgets using the built-in editor. To create connected devices, you can also use Tessel 2 — a programmable microcontroller supporting JavaScript, Node.js libraries and other languages. It runs Linux and provides access to many NPM modules with all their capabilities.

develop iot applications

With water management, sensors are attached internally or externally to water meters. These sensors provide information to understand consumption patterns. They detect faults in supply and automatically begin the necessary course of action. Trends in water wastage can be used to develop an efficient water recycling system.

How to create an IoT app

Contact our team of IoT application developers and get connected to the entire digital ecosystem. Data in use- The data which is in use by the application or a gateway which is accessible to the device or user is the most difficult form of data to secure. The security, in this case, is dependent on how https://globalcloudteam.com/ strong the authentication process is. App development cost, let us now look at the resultant number of the overall cost that you will have to pay for development of your IoT application. The smartphone-based service offers maintenance, navigation, security, and entertainment features to the users.

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